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Black Seed Oil

Has been documented in numerous scientific papers for its anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial benefits from the molecule Thymoquinone to help maintain healthy gums*. Helps lubricate the oral surfaces, bringing relief to dry mouth sufferers.

*Disclaimer: The FDA recognizes black seed oil as a safe ingredient. Black seed oil has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Helps control the growth of bacteria, plaque and tartar thereby promoting healthy gums. Delivers long-lasting oral freshness.


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Green Apple

Taste modifier.

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Acacia Gum

A natural organic binder.


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Taste modifier with a cooling sensation.

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Solvent to solubilize salts. Formulation aid.


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Helps protect teeth against decay. Is a non-cariogenic natural sweetener with a cooling effect.

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Coconut Oil

Helps lubricate oral surfaces to bring comfort to dry mouth sufferers and may help to prevent tooth decay after some enzyme digestion.

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A natural sweetener that is non-cariogenic.

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Nature's cleanser. Silica is a natural mineral found in quartz that is gently, yet effectively, cleans hard and soft tissues, thereby removing stains and debris to deliver a whole mouth clean and long-lasting freshness.

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Our Glycerin is a non-carcinogenic and a Non-GMO humectant that helps protect our formulas against bacteria growth and keep the product moist.

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