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Certified Vegan Toothpaste. Natural Ingredients.

Certified vegan toothpaste does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and has not had any component of the toothpaste tested on animals. Of course, you don’t have to be vegan to take advantage of the health benefits and animal-friendliness of vegan toothpaste!

SprinJene natural toothpaste does not affect animals at all. No ingredients come from animals or are tested on animals. We developed our healthy toothpaste formulas to fit into every lifestyle, every religion, and every culture. We don’t believe anyone should have to compromise their core values or belief system for the sake of toothpaste. Try one of our certified vegan, natural toothpastes today for clean, healthy teeth!

What Is Veganism?

Although most of veganism’s growth in popularity has occurred during the past decade, the term “vegan” was actually coined back in 1944. While vegetarians don’t consume meat, a small group of vegetarians decided they would no longer consume dairy (such as cow’s milk), eggs, or any food or ingredient that came from an animal. They took the first and last two letters of “vegetarian” and formed the Vegan Society.

A vegan diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains, and lentils. Food was the original focus of the vegan concept, but veganism is now viewed as a lifestyle that is against any form of animal exploitation, cruelty, and testing. This applies to food, clothing, and any other consumer product. The idea is that all living creatures have a right to live freely, so why not take advantage of the many alternative sources of nutrients that don’t harm animals?

People also see veganism as a healthier lifestyle. Plant-based diets eliminate unhealthy fats, manmade processing substances and artificial sweeteners, and hormones and antibiotics that are fed to make cows, pigs, chickens, salmon, and other animals plump and juicy. A growing body of scientific research has also linked commercial agricultural farming with dangerous gas emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.

Are Most Toothpastes Vegan?

Short answer? No, most toothpastes found in stores and online are not vegan or cruelty-free. Many chemicals and artificial colors and sweeteners are tested on animals, most of which are raised inhumanely in unhealthy environments. Some of the substances used in toothpaste are toxic. There are also many animal-derived ingredients, such as bee pollen, propolis, and bone meal.

In addition to being certified vegan toothpastes, SprinJene natural toothpastes are fluoride-free, halal, kosher, gluten-free, and 100 percent biobased (certified BioPreferred) which many vegan toothpaste brands are not.

Did You Know…

  • Most beans have at least twice as much fiber as whole grains. (Source)
  • A plant-based food diet has been linked to reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and death. (Source)
  • A vegan diet can result in more weight loss and improved blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. (Source)

Try SprinJene Natural Toothpaste!

We understand that you don’t just want products that work. You want to incorporate natural, healthy products into every part of your lifestyle. We respect the fact that you want to use products that are consistent with your beliefs and values. That’s why SprinJene uses all-natural toothpaste ingredients, uniquely formulated to provide safer, gentler care for your teeth and gums!

Every Sprinjene natural toothpaste product is:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Certified Bio-Preferred

Try SprinJene natural toothpastes and see which one you like best!



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