SprinJene’s founder, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim

SprinJene’s founder, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim, long dreamed of creating the world's best oral care company; one that married the benefits of science and nature; one that cares for our planet; one that is inclusive and invests in diversity. Today this remains the vision on which SprinJene is grounded.

1997 - Dr. Ibrahim earns a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Howard University.
1997-2007 - Career in award-winning toothpaste development at Fortune 500 Company.
2012- Leased Laboratory space in New Brunswick, NJ.
2012-2015 - Developed, tested and optimized the SprinJene original toothpaste line, featuring a patented formula of Black Seed Oil + Zinc.
2014 - Manufacturing facility completed.
2015 - Launch of Original SprinJene line - the most meticulously handcrafted toothpaste ever developed.
2017 - Launch of SprinJene Natural®, SprinJene Natural® Sensitive and SprinJene Children's lines.


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