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SprinJene Natural® is more than just a great tasting toothpaste.

All SprinJene Natural® Toothpastes are formulated with a meticulously crafted blend of
premium ingredients that provide a multitude of benefits, such as:

Instead of harsh abrasives that erode enamel, SprinJene uses fine silica to gently and safely clean and whiten your teeth.

Zinc naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease.

We hand pick high quality, natural flavors and use no artificial preservatives.

We utilize pharmaceutical grade water, created by de-ionized reverse osmosis, to ensure purity and quality.

Only SprinJene taps into the natural power of black seed oil, known for its health benefits for over 3,000 years.

Our patented SprinJene Natural Toothpaste formulations have many outstanding benefits. No doubt, this is at least in part due to some of the included beneficial natural ingredients that have been proven safe and effective for use in natural dental care products, such as: Natural Mint, Natural Coconut Oil, Natural Xylitol, Natural Stevia, Natural Silica, Non-GMO plant-based Glycerin. Learn more about our natural toothpaste ingredients here. Want to learn more about the benefits of of our products and ingredients? Click here.

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