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SprinJene In Natural Awakenings : New Toothpaste Contains Black Seed Oil

SprinJene In Natural Awakenings : New Toothpaste Contains Black Seed Oil

People are seeking more natural, healthy alternatives to conventional, everyday products.
Toothpaste has seen a surge in demand for cleaner options than the harmful ingredients that have long been filling space on store shelves. One company that has introduced a safer, gentler, more natural care for clean teeth is SprinJene. Launched in 2015 with a line of toothpaste featuring a patented formula of black seed oil and zinc, its success quickly prompted the introduction a line for sensitive teeth, as well as a formula specifically designed for children.
Founder and CEO Dr. Sayed Ibrahim says the inspiration for a natural line of oral care came from his childhood in Sudan, where he would witness his mother’s natural home remedies as treatment for many ailments.
Tapping the unique benefits of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial black seed oil to maintain healthy gums, SprinJene toothpaste whitens teeth while effectively reducing tooth decay. Zinc controls the growth of bacteria, plaque and tartar while delivering long-lasting freshness.
Coconut oil, acacia gum, Stevia and natural flavoring are also natural ingredients.
With a background in organic chemistry and a manufacturing facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, Ibrahim has managed to quickly grow the company based on the effectiveness and customer appeal of his products. He is proud to deliver a toothpaste with “high performance at affordable prices.” Having seen the popularity of the brand expand, SprinJene can be found in a wide variety of stores, including, Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well online through Amazon.
Ibrahim explains, “I always believed that the world deserves better toothpaste. My company aims to make an impact on the oral market.” In addition, new products, including oral rinse and lip balm, will soon be available.
Certifications, include vegan, gluten-free, kosher and halal, and it’s free from SLS, preservatives, dyes and artificial sweeteners, all commonly found in other more brands. Ibrahim has combined the benefits of science and nature to offer a quality toothpaste without harsh chemicals and abrasives that the whole family can use.

For more information, call 732-640-1830, email or visit 

by Brielle Bleeker : Natural Awakenings NJ May issue 

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