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Why Sprinjene Is Helping My Family Be Healthier!

Why Sprinjene Is Helping My Family Be Healthier!

by Jaime Marty

Is it just me or does the prospect of back to school bring about feelings of rebirth, reboot or restart for you and your family?  I am always really energetic and charged to “do better” “be more organized”.  Medical and dental check ups also charge me to buy more fruits and vegetables and to make sure everyone is flossing like a champ.

Now I’m gonna share my new favorite toothpaste; we’ve been testing them out this week and couldn’t be happier.  This is all natural toothpaste for the whole family.  Many great options to choose from.  All of these products contain black seed oil which has known health benefits and cleans, freshens and combats dry mouth all while being dye and preservative free.

First we tested out the products available as Sprinjene Natural.  The Fluoride Free Natural Toothpaste has a nice minty and clove flavor (I actually really like it).  Same deal with the benefits and flavor of the Fluoride Free SprinJene + Sensitivity Relief toothpaste but this one also contains active ingredients for anti-sensitivity.  Perfect for my sensitive gums! 

For the kids, we loved the watermelon and apple-mint flavors (I’m in heaven because one kid liked each flavor = everyone is happy) and I was thrilled that they are using a vegan, gluten, dye, preservative and artificial sweetener free toothpaste to keep their growing mouths fresh and protected from the big bad cavities.  I want to mention they are super picky and were  very happy to brush their teeth!  Also available is vanilla and we cannot wait to try that!

How about SprinJene Original options – the hubby really digs the Fresh Boost flavor.  This product contains the same patented zinc and black seed oil an other awesome benefits prevention of gingivitis and dry mouth as well as keeping his mouth super fresh.  I am LOVING their Health Boost option; once again it helps me with my gum sensitivity issue, while still doing all those other awesome things.

Each product we tried tasted great and does an awesome job!  They cost around $6.00 a tube and you simply must check them out!  Don’t even wait for back to school; just buy them right now!


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