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Whiten Your Teeth Naturally and Safely

Whiten Your Teeth Naturally and Safely

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed (also called black cumin or kalonji) has been used as a spice for millennia. In recent years, western medicine has studied the effects of black seed oil and research suggests it offers numerous health benefits, including tooth whitening. The oil contains thymoquinone, an antimicrobial with astringent qualities, which reduce tooth decay, plus anti-inflammation/anti-bacterial benefits, which help maintain the healthy gums essential to healthy teeth.

What is Silica?

Silica (officially, silicon dioxide) is a naturally-occurring compound found in quartz and many living organisms. Breathing silica dust often leads to serious health problems but, as hydrated silica, it forms part of a fine abrasive long known to be an effective plaque removal/tooth whitening agent.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

You may have noticed "dentist recommended" on your grocery store toothpaste tubes. Don't be overly impressed, dentists recommend you brush your teeth twice daily and many don't care what you use. More and more people now choose health products because they feel (and the research shows) that natural compounds work better in the human body. Many believe these products are more effective because humans evolved or were created with them, as part of the same ecosystem, not as a laboratory experiment.

Sprinjene toothpastes use hand-pick, high-quality, natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. In addition to black seed oil and hydrated silica, they contain zinc to help control bacterial growth, plaque, and tartar; xylitol, a natural sweetener that also helps protect against decay; coconut oil to lubricate the surfaces inside the mouth. We add green apple, mint, and stevia for flavor, all formulated with other natural ingredients to form a paste that's just as smooth as any store brand.

Fluoride is a topic of hot debate in dental research circles, and Sprinjene offers both fluoridated and fluoride-free varieties. Getting your young ones to brush their teeth is a topic of hot debate in some homes, but Sprinjene's natural watermelon, apple mint and vanilla flavored may encourage those reluctant brushers with great taste definitely not available in in-store brands.

Try It, You'll Like It!

Just because it's an advertising cliché older than video games doesn't make it wrong. For naturally white teeth with no fears of carcinogenic components, pick up a tube or two — we have 12 varieties to pick from — at your local natural foods outlet and do your own testing. You'll be impressed.

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