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Westman reviews : Try SprinJene Natural Toothpaste

Westman reviews : Try SprinJene Natural Toothpaste

I received these products from SprinJene for review.  SprinJene is dedicated to delivering the most advanced, safe and gentle oral care options for brushers of all lifestyles.  They continually source the globe for advanced, healthy ingredients to include in their products.  They are dedicated to contunually advance their process, products and certifications to provide the best oral care products they can.  All of their products are made in their cGMP and FDA certified manufacturing facility in New Jersey.  Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for purity and quality.  The final formulation is certified vegan, kosher, gluten-free and halal.  Simply put, SprinJene might just be the most meticulously handcrafted healthy toothpaste ever developed.

Welcome SprinJene Natural to your everyday brushing routine!  The Adult Cavity Protection Toothpaste tastes great, due to its natural flavors of mint and clove, but the benefits don't stop there!  Instead of harsh abrasives that erode enamel, SprinJene uses fine silica to gently and safely clean and whiten your teeth.  Zinc naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease.  They use natural flavors and no artificial preservatives and they utilize pharmaceutical grade water, created by de-ionized reverse osmosis, to ensure purity and quality.  Only SprinJene taps into the natural power of black seed oil, which is known for its health benefits for over 3,000 years.

This toothpaste features a patented formula with zinc and black seed oil.  Together, these ingredients may help to:  provide relief from dry mouth, help control the growth of tartar, deliver long lasting oral freshness, fight gingivitis (gum disease) and reduce gum inflammation.

This toothpaste also includes other good for you ingredients, including coconut oil, birch tree xylitol and acacia gum.
It does NOT contain SLS, Artificial Preservatives and Dyes, Saccharin or Animal Byproducts.

SprinJene Natural Cavity Protection can be purchased HERE for the regular price of $5.99.

If you have sensitive teeth, then try SprinJene Natural Sensitivity Relief With Cavity Protection which can be found at the regular price of $6.99.  This variety also tastes great and is made with natural ingredients.  It is formulated to provide relief to those with sensitivities.  

All SprinJene toothpastes are certified Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Kosher and Halal.

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