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SprinJene toothpaste generally has lower impact on allergies


SprinJene Toothpaste generally has a lower impact on allergies


Let's face facts, Toothpaste is the most commonly used personal care product. According to the Academy of Periodontology, the time that each American spends brushing their teeth on average amounts to about 38.5 total days of non-stop brushing over a lifetime. Brushing is a common technique used primarily to maintain and improve dental health and prevent tooth decay.


DID YOU KNOW? Common tooth paste formulations purchased by consumers typically contain the following substances: abrasives, detergents, binding agents, humectants, preservatives, coloring agents, antiseptics, fluoride salts, and flavorings. Many of which can cause adverse reactions such as contact dermatitis, contact cheilitis, or other allergic reactions.

On average, consumers spend $5.2 billion dollars on oral hygiene. Common tooth paste formulations purchased by consumers typically contain the following substances: abrasives, detergents, binding agents, humectants, preservatives, coloring agents, antiseptics, fluoride salts, and flavorings. Flavoring is a more recent additive to ‘modern day tooth paste’ developed in the 1800’s. The purpose of flavoring the toothpaste was to make it more enjoyable to use, and also freshen the breath. However, in the majority of allergy cases described were caused by toothpaste flavoring resulting in allergic contact cheilitis. Rarely any other ingredient has been shown to cause allergies. 


Allergens in Toothpaste:

The most common flavorings that are frequently responsible for toothpaste allergies are from cinnamon and mint. Because most toothpaste is flavored with a variant of either one of these two, it can be challenging to find toothpaste free of these flavors for those who have an allergy. Avoiding mint when it comes to dental care products is a challenge since mint is the flavor more commonly used to flavor tooth pastes due its strong flavor and lasting freshness effects.


Some allergies may stem from fluoride or Gluten. However, it is important to point out that most toothpaste allergies are harmless and tend to go away once the allergy causing toothpaste is discontinued from use.


Signs of a Toothpaste Allergy also known as Cheilitis:

  • Rash around the mouth
  • Chapped or dry lips
  • Itchy or burning sensation
  • Severely cracked or dry lips
  • Swollen, red and painful lips


    An allergic reaction which elicits from the allergen touching the skin is called contact dermatitis.

    Cases of Contact Dermatitis the skin will develop:

    • redness
    • itchiness, often severe
    • swelling
    • tenderness or pain
    • blisters that ooze clear fluid
    • hives


      What to Do in the Event of a Toothpaste Allergy

      Firstly, if you are experiencing an allergic reaction to your toothpaste, stop using it immediately. Typically, any symptoms should ideally go away on their own soon after. However, if symptoms persist or become too severe, it is recommended to see your healthcare professional right away, as it may be a sign of something more serious.


      It is recommended that you consider changing the flavor or brand of toothpaste altogether to avoid further adverse allergic reactions. It can also be helpful to keep a record of the ingredients used in the products you use to avoid those which include things that have been known to cause irritation or other adverse reactions in the past.

       SprinJene Natural


      As the name suggests, SprinJene Natural tooth paste is made entirely out of all natural ingredients, including the flavors. It incorporates mint and clove flavors to give great taste to their Adult Cavity Protection line. Alternatively Flavor free options are available too as well as fluoride free for those who have mint and fluoride allergies respectively.


      You’ll love how fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel to prevent cracks and cavities. But SprinJene is about more than healthy teeth. It’s about using only natural ingredients, protecting animals, and following an eco-friendly, ethically responsible manufacturing process!


      All SprinJene natural toothpastes are certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Halal, and USDA Bio Preferred! No harmful ingredients are included, no animals suffer, and no religions or cultures are excluded from using our healthy toothpaste!


      Patented Zinc and Black Seed Oil Formula!

      SprinJene Natural Cavity Protection Toothpaste features a patented formula with zinc and black seed oil, along with “good for you” ingredients like coconut oil, birch tree xylitol, and acacia gum. This patented natural toothpaste formula can help to:

      • Provide relief from dry mouth.
      • Control the growth of tartar.
      • Deliver long-lasting oral freshness.
      • Fight gingivitis (gum disease).
      • Reduce gum inflammation.


        Free From:

        • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). SLS is a chemical surfactant irritant to some people and used to reduce surface tension between ingredients and thicken certain food products.
        • Artificial preservatives and dyes. Unnatural chemicals used to make products last longer and look a certain color have been linked to multiple health issues, especially in children.
        • Saccharin. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with a bitter aftertaste and no nutritional benefit.
        • Animal byproducts. No substances that come from animals are found in any SprinJene natural toothpaste or used in manufacturing.


          Ingredient List:

          Active ingredients: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.76%)

          Inactive ingredients: Aqua, Xylitol, Glycerin, Hydrated Silica, Precipitated Natural Calcium Carbonate, Zemea (1,3-Propanediol - made from Corn), Potassium Cocoate (made from Coconut Oil), Flavor, Zinc Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Acacia Gum, Black seed Oil (Nigella Sativa), Zinc Oxide, Citric Acid


          • Certified Vegan Toothpaste
          • Certified Cruelty-Free Toothpaste
          • Certified Kosher Toothpaste
          • Certified Halal Toothpaste
          • Certified USDA Bio Preferred Toothpaste

             SprinJene Natural Products


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