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The Secret of Gentle Whitening

The Secret of Gentle Whitening

After spending a lot of time testing, we discovered a safer, better way to whiten your teeth without using harsh abrasives or bleach.

We Found the Secret of Gentle Whitening

Most toothpastes claim to whiten teeth. But at what cost? At SprinJene, we wanted to provide whitening without harsh abrasives and bleach. So we’ve invested a lot of time (and testing) into finding ways to accomplish both, gently and safely. And we found silica – great for whitening yet gentle on your teeth and gums!”

Ways to Whiten

There are two proven ways to whiten your teeth: you can bleach them (with peroxide) and you can scrub off surface stains (with abrasives).

Bleaching – either by your dentist or by using an over the counter product – can give you quick results, but can also cause temporary tooth sensitivity or sore gums. While generally considered safe, the American Dental Association (ADA) takes a product-by-product approach. They have approved some dentist-dispensed products that bleach teeth, but for a variety of reasons, no over-the-counter product or toothpaste that contains bleach currently carries the ADA seal.

Scrubbing – Many toothpastes that claim whitening, use the second approach – they contain tiny particles that help scrub off surface stains. The goal here is naturally white teeth; maintaining the look of just getting out of the dentist’s chair. Certain blends of silica (you’ll see “hydrated silica” on labels) are ADA-approved, effective ways to clean surface stains.. It’s not as quick as bleach, yet with the right blend of silica, you can whiten your teeth a little every time you brush without risking side effects like tooth sensitivity or sore gums. This is the approach we’ve taken. And we’ve taken it even further.

Not all Silica is Created Equal !

Some silica has sharp edges that scratch your teeth and cause sensitivity and, over time, even damage your enamel and contribute to your gums receding. Other silica is too soft to scrub away stains.

We seek out top-notch suppliers of the highest quality silica available. As the name suggests, these silica are rounded – not sharp – so they won’t scratch your teeth. And yes, this kind of silica is significantly more expensive – but we think it’s a good investment.

The process is not yet complete. Silica come in various sizes and degrees of hardness, each with its own advantages and limitations for cleaning and whitening your teeth. Selecting and blending silica for an optimal cleaning and whitening is truly an art, and one we at SprinJene take very seriously.

We’ve tested and retested our silica blends to ensure they give you clean, healthy, naturally white teeth while also protecting your enamel.

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