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How to choose the right natural toothpaste?

How to choose the right natural toothpaste?

Choosing a toothpaste that’s best for you can be overwhelming. There are many different brands and types of kinds of toothpaste available in the supermarket, and making a wrong choice could end up doing more harm than good. How can you determine which one would be best suited to you? To help you answer that question and to simplify things a little, here’s a look at the points to consider when shopping for toothpaste. 

Types of Toothpaste:

Before you pick out a toothpaste, it is important to know about the different types that are there. Here are the basic types that are available in the market:

  • Fluoride
  • Non fluoride
  • Whitening
  • Sensitivity
  • Kids
  • Anti-cavity
  • Tartar control

The most common type of toothpaste is fluoride toothpaste. Because fluoride strengthens your teeth and prevents decay, dentists recommend it for children and adults unless someone has a known allergy to fluoride and infants and toddlers who are too small to spit and rinse out the toothpaste. 

There are also toothpastes designed especially for tartar control. If the plaque on your teeth hardens, it turns into tartar. Tartar control toothpastes battle plaque and eliminate it before it can harden.

Sometimes, people have issues with teeth sensitivity. They are unable to eat or drink hot and cold foods without feeling pain or discomfort. Teeth sensitivity is usually due to weakened enamel and eroded enamel which exposes underlying dentine or roots. This is where toothpaste for sensitive teeth play an important role. The specialized toothpaste offers relief for the pain that comes with sensitivity issues and soothes inflamed gums. These toothpastes also come with added benefits For Whitening and cavity protection.

Finally, there are whitening toothpastes. Although they use different ingredients, they all have some whitening agent to make your teeth look whiter. The Abrasives present fight stains and successfully lighten the color of your teeth. Some whitening toothpastes also prevent tooth decay. One detail that you should be aware of is that no whitening toothpaste can replicate the effect of a teeth whitening procedure. No whitening toothpaste can live up to the dream of blindingly white teeth.

Today, you can find just about any type of toothpaste you can imagine. There are toothpastes that accomplish a single goal, and ones that do it all. You should pick a toothpaste that fulfills your oral health needs.

What if there was a toothpaste that had all these qualities and was also chemical free. One that uses only natural and immunity strengthening ingredients with zero side effects. It can be used safely by people Of all ages from all religions and all belief systems As it is proudly Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten free And cruelty free! 

Yes it's SprinJene natural toothpaste which comes in a wide range of fluoride and fluoride free varieties. 3 Different Yummy flavors for Children as well as anti-cavity, anti-plaque and, whitening and for sensitive teeth. 

Natural Toothpaste

After careful consideration regarding the harm that everyday toothpastes can cause our bodies, here are the benefits that SprinJene toothpaste has to offer.

Black seed oil - Known to have excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

Zinc- Helps control the growth of bacteria, plaque and tartar thereby promoting healthy gums. ADA Approved

Acacia gum - A natural organic binder

Xylitol and Stevia- non cariogenic natural sweeteners. Xylitol helps promote saliva production and prevents tooth decay. It is also ADA approved.

Coconut oil - Helps lubricate oral surfaces to bring comfort to dry mouth sufferers and may help to prevent tooth decay after some enzyme digestion.

Green apple and Mint extracts - Taste modifiers with cooling sensation.

Aqua - Solvent to solubilize salts. Formulation aid.

Silica- Natural abrasives to assist stain removal.

Glycerin - Glycerin is a non-carcinogenic and a Non-GMO humectant that helps protect our formulas against bacteria growth and keep the product moist.

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