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SprinJene Fresh Boost® Toothpaste Awarded ADA Seal of Acceptance

SprinJene Fresh Boost® Toothpaste Awarded ADA Seal of Acceptance

Leading natural oral care brand SprinJene® proudly announces its Original SprinJene Fresh Boost® Toothpaste has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Dental Association (ADA). SprinJene earned the Seal of Acceptance following the ADA's finding that the product is safe and effective in preventing cavities and helping in enamel remineralization when used according to instructions.

SprinJene Fresh Boost® features a patented formula with zinc and black seed oil, which together can provide relief from dry mouth, control tartar growth, and deliver long-lasting oral freshness. Black Seed oil and zinc have been shown to fight gingivitis (gum disease) and reduce gum inflammation.

"The ADA Seal of Acceptance recognizes the efficacy and safety of SprinJene's patented toothpaste formulation and underscores our commitment to the oral care market," says SprinJene® CEO and Founder Dr. Sayed Ibrahim. "SprinJene is dedicated to marrying science and nature to make the whole world smile naturally."

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