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Boxes of Toothpaste Shipped To Puerto Rico Today


Piscataway, NJ - October 20, 2017 – SprinJene today announced that it has donated a pallet of toothpaste to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico by way of World Vision (www.worldvision.org). The Company sent in 120 boxes (4,320 tubes) of its Fresh Boost toothpaste.
SprinJene’s founder, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim, long dreamed of creating the world's best oral care company; one that married the benefits of science and nature; one that cares for our planet; one that is inclusive and invests in diversity. Today, his vision and compassion reached the shores of Puerto Rico.
Last month, Hurricane Maria created an apocalyptic devastation in Puerto Rico and left thousands of people homeless, and with no access to clean water, food or sanitary products.
“Like every small business owner, I felt the need to help to reach out to the area. Basic toiletries are necessary in times like this, and we are happy to be able to share the oral wellness our toothpastes provide at a time when it’s needed most. I encourage every business owner to do the same, to the capacity that they can contribute and donate with their businesses, products and heart,” Dr. Ibrahim said today.
For those who are able and interested, donations to World Vision can be made through their website www.worldvision.org. World Vision is one of myriad excellent organizations making a difference in Puerto Rico.
SprinJene combines the powers of nature and science to deliver safer, more effective oral care options to accommodate the needs of brushers of various lifestyles. All SprinJene products are certified vegan, kosher, cruelty free, gluten-free, and halal.
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