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Oral Halth

June is Oral Health Awareness Month- Time to Spruce Up Your Oral Care Routine

It goes without saying, maintaining a consistent oral care routine is essential for overall health and wellbeing. While many people understand the basics of brushing, flossing and regular checkups, the benefits of a comprehensive oral care routine extend beyond just having a bright smile. Having a routine that is customized to address unique needs and concerns is crucial to your oral health. 

Here are some common dental concerns and how you can find the right SprinJene toothpaste for your needs: 

Sensitive Teeth: Choose toothpastes designed for sensitivity, one with Potassium Nitrate- the active ingredient that helps alleviate tooth sensitivity and discomfort by calming the nerves inside the teeth.  

SprinJene Solution: Use SprinJene Natural’s Adult Sensitivity Relief (available in Cavity Protection and Fluoride Free options). This toothpaste has a formula of black seed oil and zinc. When combined with Potassium Nitrate for anti-hypersensitivity, it helps to relieve discomfort while gently cleaning teeth, naturally.

Gum Health: Toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain ingredients like aloe vera or black seed oil help to soothe inflamed gums and protect them. 

SprinJene Solution: Our toothpastes feature natural ingredients, including our patented blend of black seed oil and zinc, which supports overall gum health with its anti-inflammatory properties. For an added layer of protection, SprinJene’s Total Care Mouthwash offers a natural, alcohol-free solution that further promotes healthy gums. 

Tooth Decay: High sugar intake may increase the risk of cavities; using a fluoride toothpaste with regular brushing may help to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel. 

SprinJene Solution: Our Total Care Cavity Protection toothpaste and Children’s Cavity Protection toothpaste in Watermelon both contain fluoride and zinc (an FDA approved ingredient); formulas that help prevent cavities and strengthen enamel. 

Staining: Coffee/tea and other lifestyle choices can stain teeth over time, so it’s important to opt for toothpastes that contain natural whitening properties, so your smile stays bright and healthy. 

SprinJene Solution: Try SprinJene’s Original White Boost. This ADA accepted toothpaste contains our patented blend of black seed oil and zinc to effectively remove surface stains, whiten teeth, fight cavities, and prevent tooth decay over time. 

At SprinJene Natural, we truly care about oral health which is why it’s important for us to offer a wide array of toothpaste options that address your overall dental concerns and lifestyle needs with natural and intentional ingredients. We’re making the world smile naturally™. 

What Determines A Toothpaste's Taste?
What Determines A Toothpaste's Taste?

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