Christmas Gifts- Bath & Body or Exercising/Fitness Gifts for the New Year

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You all know I want to lose weight which I have failed at miserably. I have decided to just finish the year out and not worry about working out, walking and Exercising because the New Year is right around the corner.

I’m going to start fresh in January and not only work to lose the weight I need to lose but try and help David with his weight loss goals. Along with getting Charlie outside each day as were Homeschooling full time.

Which is why I’m here with my Christmas Gifts- Bath & Body or Exercising/Fitness Gifts for the New Year. These Gifts will help me reach our goals.

SPRINJENE, the VEGAN,ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE natural toothpaste, made
out of blackseed oil, is currently at VitaCost, Amazon, Costco,
Sprouts, Hannaford Super Markets, HEB, United supermarkets, Bed Bath
and Beyond, Lucky Vitamin, Nutrition Smart. Kids toothpastes are even
edible!! The Natural Toothpaste company is the best
choice for moms, teens, college kids, and kids and adults who seek Natural
alternatives, like yourself. Travel sizes are so cute and easy to
carry for kids!
Just to explain in more detail what makes us different than others:
 We are are the only toothpastes on the market to have all of the
following five certifications: vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal,
animal cruelty-free. SprinJene Natural® toothpastes are free-from: SLS,
animal byproducts, artificial dyes and preservatives and saccharine.
Their efficacy is made possible by natural, quality ingredients, such
as coconut oil, acacia gum and birch tree xylitol. Kids, Fluoride-free
and Sensitivity options are available.

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