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How To Organize Your Way To Good Health

How To Organize Your Way To Good Health

It’s a pretty pessimistic statistic: Only 8% of us  are said to stick to our resolutions for the whole year.

With odds like that, how can we ensure success in our attempts to improve the next 12 months?  

One suggestion: Make it as easy as possible on yourself. 

If you’re looking to improve your general health (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), remember that good health starts at home. 

Make every room in your house part of your personal support system. Follow these six ideas from MakeSpace, a  full-service NYC storage company that also serves Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Then, take a deep breath and enjoy a 2018 that’s filled with good health: 

1.Give your medicine cabinet a checkup:

When’s the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? This handy nook behind the bathroom mirror is theoretically for storing everyday necessities. Things like your meds, contact solution, and Sprinjene toothpaste.

But all too often, the spot gets crammed with half-empty tubes of old ointment, eyeshadow, and expired prescriptions instead. If you find yourself weeding through cabinet clutter just to reach the floss, it’s time for a reboot.

The general rule of thumb for medical prescriptions is that they last 12 months after being opened, according to Global News. (While we’re at it, beauty products generally have a Period After Opening, or POA, label for reference.)

But if you can’t remember when exactly you opened a bottle of Ibuprofen or two, don’t fret. Harvard Health points out that many drugs are likely still usable, albeit less effective, after their marked expiry date.

For prescriptions you definitely want to get rid of, think twice before simply flushing or tossing them. The FDA recommends seeking out a National Prescription Drug Take-Back event. Or contact your local law enforcement to see if they sponsor any similar programs.

2.Smile your way to good health:

It’s no secret that maintaining oral hygiene is fundamental for good overall health.  Addressing this pivotal part of your body will pave the way for your optimum well-being in 2018.

Keep all your oral basics handy and hygienic. With its cleverly-designed upright bristles, the Umbra Grassy Toothbrush Organizer ensures both.

Another idea for storing brushing supplies and floss (especially if you have kids) is under the sink. Erika from Living Well Mom does so by simply attaching velcro to plastic cups, then attaching them inside the cabinet door. 

If you have an electric toothbrush, keep it stored near an outlet. Bonus points if you have an outlet in your medicine cabinet, like this organized hub from One Kings Lane.

Snazzy toothpaste, like your Sprinjene, can simply be stored on the countertop. It will perfectly complement your other daily staples, like makeup or cologne. Save surface space by keeping everything on a tiered Lazy Susan.

3.Set the tone for good sleep:

via Homey Oh My

Just how important is sleep for health? According to Webmd, enough daily Zs could prevent a whole slew of bigger issues, ranging from heart disease to obesity.

But it’s not exactly easy to relax when your room is brimming with laundry, paperwork, and scattered glasses of water.

Organizing your bedroom strategically will help you get all the rest you need. Entrepreneur recommends clearing your nightstand of clutter (bye bye, old tissues!) and keeping fresh flowers, herbal tea, and soothing candles there instead.

According to Shape, it also helps to nix anything that doesn’t quite belong in your personal haven. Their recommendation is to curate items in your bedroom according to these three pillars: romance, peace, and calm. Elle Decor even advises against hanging photos of loved ones in your room, since they’re potential distractions as you drift off. 

And those piles of clothes you never seem to find time to deal with during weeknights? Eliminate areas where they can pile up. Put any out-of-season gear into storage to clear up space in your closet. Then designate a place for everything, so you don’t wind up mindlessly tossing scarves on a chair. This will leave fewer opportunities for mess to accumulate.

4.In the kitchen:

The adage is true: You are what you eat. Kickstart your health by organizing the kitchen strategically.

Clear your windowsill to make room for your very own kitchen herb garden, for example. It’s easier to sprinkle in healthy, fresh goodness to your meals when options are literally within arm’s reach.

And keep temptations at bay. According to Today, one easy way to eliminate any mindless munching on sugary snacks is to move them higher up in your pantry. Stock eye-level shelves with healthy alternatives like nuts and dried fruit. Chances are, if you have to reach for those snickerdoodles, you’ll question whether they’re worth it in the process.

Who knew one shelf could be the key to preventing cavities?

5.Swap sugary beverages for cleaner ones:

Sugar in any form can cause cavities and other health issues. And according to BHG, too much soda in particular can wear down tooth enamel.

Swap out sugar-heavy beverages for healthy alternatives. Of course, there’s always good ol’ h20. But if you’re thirsty for an alternative, Bustle rounded up the 10 healthiest drinks beyond water.

Cheers to that!

6.Make it easier to hit the gym:

What’s stopping you from hitting the gym in the AM? If it’s lack of sleep, follow the suggestions from #3 and get going.

If it’s lack of preparation, we have another idea. Stop packing your bag from scratch every morning, which wastes precious time (time that could be spent in the sauna).

Instead, keep your post-workout necessities in one easy-to-access spot. Think inside your hallway closet, or hanging by the front door.

With items like your water bottle, Turkish towel, and spare toothpaste ready to go, you’ll run out of excuses… and right onto the treadmill.


By Molli Carlson 

 MakeSpace blogger 


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