Oil Pulling With Black Seed Oil

Oil Pulling With Black Seed Oil

When we first heard about Black Cumin seed oil, we couldn’t believe we’d never heard of its amazing benefits and uses before. This article talks about its immense benefits researched and tested over many years by experts. It has a long history of culinary and medicinal use in certain regions of the world, but it is fairly new to the American market. Black Cumin seed oil is known by many different names. It is commonly referred to as Black Cumin seed oil, Black Onion seed, Black Caraway, and Black Sesame seed, Nigella, love-in-a-mist, Fennel Flower, Black Cumin and Black Coriander, but only Nigella Sativa is true Black Cumin. This causes confusion amongst people, but Black Cumin has just been given different names in the western world.

Historically, ancient Egyptian and Greek physicians used black seeds in the management of several diseases, such as headachetoothache, congestion of the nose, intestinal worms, promotion of menstruation, and production of milk. It has been seen to have many health benefits as well as beauty benefits.

Extensive research has been carried out on the black seed and it has been noted that it has high nutritional content as well as pharmacological benefits. The seeds are rich source of carbohydrates, fats, essential amino acids and vitamins. The most active medicinal component of the seed is thymoquinone which has been seen to have the following medicinal properties and have traditionally been successful in treating the following: 

  • Anti-microbial(antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal): Used topically and orally as a disinfectant on wounds
  • Anti spasmodic and bronchodilator: Nigellone and Thymoquinone are two of the most volatile oils found in black seed. Nigellone provides both anti-spasmodic and broncho-dilating properties that add to the power of black seed against breathing disorders.
  • Fights obesity: A systematic analysis published in the Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders Journal in 2013 reported that black seed oil could be useful in treating Obesity. Black seed has been an outstanding herb for more than 3000yrs, it contains more than 100 useful properties. It is an important source of essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals. Even the seeds are rich in sterols; in particular beta-sitosterol, considered to have Anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory: For rheumatoid arthritis. Researches in Jordan and the US have shown the black seed oil as being anti-leukemic.
  • Analgesic: As a pain reliever for headaches and tooth aches
  • Anti-hypertensive: Lowers cholesterol 
  • Hypoglycemic: Regulates blood sugar in diabetic patients
  • Anti-carcinogenic: prevents proliferation of cancer cells and promotes apoptosis or death of cancer cells
  • Antioxidant: Boosts immune system 
  • Histamine release inhibitor: For treating asthma and respiratory problems as well as skin allergies.
  • According to many tests and studies black seed oil has been found to be excellent in controlling dandruff and dry scalp as well as promoting hair growth.

Uses of Black Seed Oil

  • Black Cumin oil has also been known to support the liver, help diabetes, ease infections and aid in weight loss.
  • Black Cumin oil is very beneficial for the skin and hair and has many beauty benefits. This oil has a unique ability to help restore hair loss. This may be due to the powerful antioxidant content and antimicrobial properties. Black Cumin seed oil is known to promote melanin production in the skin, which is known for protecting the skin from damage.
  • There is an active ingredient in Black Cumin called Thymoquinone, which researchers have been looking into since the 1960’s. This ingredient is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties! Thymoquinone in Nigella Sativa seeds have also been shown to have a protective effect on the heart, promote healthy cholesterol levels and help normalise blood pressure.
  • Thymoquinone is also known to help the liver process toxins. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body as almost every toxin gets processed there, and bile from the liver is the key to digesting fats and keeping you healthy. Black Cumin oil can greatly help with problems with the liver such as disease, alcohol consumption or the side effects of medication.
  • Black Cumin oil is used for a variety of complaints and has also been used for anorexia and several nervous system disorders. 

Black Seed Benefits in Oral Health Care

Oral health and the integrity of the oral cavity are crucial to the general health of human beings. Many oral diseases can be prevented and for many years, the use of plants, oral health care, and therapeutic practices have been closely related.

Thymoquinone has been documented in numerous scientific papers for its anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial benefits to help maintain healthy gums. It has been shown to lubricate oral surfaces, bringing relief to dry mouth sufferers. But it must be emphasized to that it is important to always talk to a doctor before taking black seed oil.

Upon further research, some studies and clinical trials were conducted whose findings have shown how black seed oil has been successful in treating the following dental issues:

  • Reduce Dental caries: Dental caries is primarily caused by the breakdown of sugars in to acid in the mouth by a class of bacteria called streptococcus Mutans. It was found that the black seed oil extracts not only had a bactericidal effect against S. mutans but were also seen to inhibit the adherence of S. mutans to the surface of the teeth reducing plaque formation.
  • Reduce Periodontal and gingival diseases: shown to have antiplaque activity (results were equivalent to, synergistic with, or even better than the regularly used antibiotics, such as amoxicillin or tetracycline). 
  • Prevent nerve/pulpal inflammation: when applied directly to the inflamed nerve. Can be used to replace formacresol in pulp capping in pediatric dentistry.
  • Accelerate the healing of mouth ulcers and mucositis especially those induced from chemo and radiation therapy
  • Expedite bone healing at dental extraction and surgical sites (suitable for all wound healing)
  • Improve Osseo-integration of dental implants into bone which is fundamental for the long term success of the implant.
  • It has been shown to have a 4-fold potential effect when used with certain antibiotics. This makes Black Seed oil an excellent choice for treating antibiotic-resistant infections. 
  • Antifungal activity: For treating skin infections caused by candida albicans systemically or topically (recommended to use a carrier oil with it) 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60-80% of the world’s population particularly in developing countries, depends on herbal remedies or traditional medicine for their primary health care and treatment. One of the top ranked evidence-based herbal medicines, includes Nigella sativa which has been described as the ‘miracle herb of the century’. Nigella sativa, a flowering shrub that grows abundantly in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia

What is Oil Pulling?

This is the practice of swirling or swishing oil around your mouth and then spitting it out. The oil should be held in the mouth for about 5 to 20 minutes and then spit or rinsed out. Swishing liquids in the mouth for health purposes is one of the oldest health practices in the world and has been mentioned in two ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts (one written in 800 B.C. and the other in 700 B.C.)

There are many first hand reviews of people online who have tried this practice. One recent review found that oil pulling might be as effective as chlorhexidine mouthwash in reducing plaque.

Many different edible oils can be used for this practice such as coconut, sesame and sunflower oil especially if they are cold pressed. Black seed oil has also been shown to have many therapeutic benefits in the oral cavity as well as great for general health and well-being.

Black cumin seeds oil has no known toxicity and can be consumed safely. Medical scientists have opted for this ancient Black cumin seeds oil to manage major dental problems to give the patients relief from the various causes of tooth ache and other oral health problems.

Dentists prefer black cumin seeds oil as an anti-microbial agent for teeth whitening, and oral maintenance.  Black cumin seeds oil cleanses the gum, teeth and tongue and is definitely a nutritious oral health enhancer which has top anti-fungal elements, thymoquinone and analgesic components. The anti-microbial properties in thymoquinone present in black cumin seeds oil builds up a powerful inhibitor to block the growth of the microbial bacteria.

Here are some of its various uses:

  • Gargle with black seed oil and water to help to solve gingivitis and ulcers.
  • It is advised to use black seed oil mixed with curd to get relief from the following dental problems such as premature loss of teeth, weakened tooth structures, bleeding gums and bad breath or halitosis.
  • Black seed oil-soaked cotton can also be put topically on affected area for 15-20 minutes to get instant relief from pain and soreness.
  • Reduce Dental caries. Due to its antimicrobial activity. It fights against strep mutans. 
  • Reduce Periodontal and gingival diseases. It has been shown to have antiplaque activity. Similar to that of antibiotics.
  • Prevent nerve/pulpal inflammation when applied directly to the inflamed nerve. Can be used to replace formacresol in pulp capping in pediatric dentistry.
  • Accelerate the healing of mouth ulcers and mucositis especially those induced from chemo and radiation therapy
  • Expedite bone healing at dental extraction and surgical sites (suitable for all wound healing)
  • Improve Osseo-integration of dental implants into bone which is fundamental for the long term success of the implant.

Method of Swishing Oil:

According to Indian Ayurveda there are two oil pulling techniques: kavala and gandusa.

In kavala, you fill your mouth with liquid and hold it there for a couple of minutes before swirling it around the mouth and spitting it out. The process should not exceed more than three or four minutes. It is repeated at least two or three times.

Gandusa is the technique of holding the liquid still in the mouth for three to five minutes. The liquid is then spit out and the process is repeated. No swishing is involved.

Black Seed Oil in Toothpaste

Dr. Sayed Ibrahim has patented SprinJene toothpaste, which contains extracts of Nigella sativa, or black seed oil and zinc. Black seed oil contains the active ingredient thymoquinone. This composition reduces the growth of microbial populations by at least four log (99.9999 percent) (ciriscience.org/a_107-Whatis-Log-Reduction).

Ibrahim, the CEO of SprinJene, says, “We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s a real breakthrough in oral care, and very effective. A natural antibacterial and antioxidant, Nigella sativa extracts or oils, when added to dentifrice compositions, enhance the ability of the dentifrice composition to lubricate the mouth tissues and/or treat dry mouth.’’

SprinJene combines the powers of nature and science to deliver safer, more effective natural oral care options to accommodate the needs of different lifestyles. All SprinJene toothpastes are certified vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, kosher and Halal.

SprinJene toothpaste is available at Amazon, Sprouts, Hannaford Supermarkets, H-E-B, United Supermarkets, Vitacost, Lucky Vitamin, Akin’s/Chamberlin’s and Nutrition Smart.

Keeping in mind its immense health benefits and positive effects in the oral mucosa, black seed oil has proven to be an excellent ingredient for dental products without any reported side effects.

SprinJene Natural Toothpaste range has a patented black seed oil formula and along with that incorporates the following natural ingredients which are known to combine together to make an excellent tooth paste:

Black seed oil - Known to have excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

Zinc- Helps control the growth of bacteria, plaque and tartar thereby promoting healthy gums. ADA Approved

Acacia gum - A natural organic binder

Xylitol and Stevia- non cariogenic natural sweeteners. Xylitol helps promote saliva production and prevents tooth decay. It is also ADA approved.

Coconut oil - Helps lubricate oral surfaces to bring comfort to dry mouth sufferers and may help to prevent tooth decay after some enzyme digestion.

Green Apple & Mint extracts - Taste modifiers with cooling sensation.

Aqua - Solvent to solubilize salts. Formulation aid.

Silica- Natural abrasives to assist stain removal.

Glycerin - Glycerin is a non-carcinogenic and a Non-GMO humectant that helps protect our formulas against bacteria growth and keep the product moist.

In addition to these properties SprinJene is a certified Gluten free toothpaste making it 100% safe for people suffering from Celiac disease and gluten allergies.

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