Certified Kosher Toothpaste

Certified Kosher Toothpaste

We believe that people of ALL religious beliefs and traditions have the right to excellent oral health. But that’s not the only reason we are excited that our products are kosher. While it is especially relevant for members of the Jewish faith, we believe kosher certification has advantages for all consumers.

Our SprinJene products are OU Kosher certified. This means a representative from OU visits our production facility and thoroughly inspects all aspects of our operation, from the sourcing of ingredients and materials to the production process itself to ensure they conform to strict kosher guidelines.

Kosher standards pay great attention to the way products are prepared. Kosher certified manufacturers are focused on purity and quality and can trace each ingredient all the way back to its source. You can’t take a cheap shortcut and end up with a kosher toothpaste.

Kosher toothpaste certification demonstrates our commitment to the importance of:

Purity: Kosher certification is perhaps best known for its commitment to purity of ingredients. We can be sure our toothpaste is produced with only the ingredients listed, and nothing more. We proud that we adhere to the strict standards Kosher certification sets for cleanliness and highly sanitary methods, above and beyond industry standards.

Quality: Only the best suppliers go the extra mile to certify their ingredients in the way kosher certification requires. It means we can trace every ingredient back to the source and confirm that it has been handled appropriately.

Animal welfare: As part of the certification, we know our kosher toothpaste is animal friendly. No animal ingredients or byproducts are used in the toothpaste or manufacturing process and no animal testing is involved in any phase of any ingredient.

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